How exciting is your tea menu? Is it too long and complicated for your customers? Can your staff deliver an exceptional experience? 

We like to keep things simple, sometimes scrappy, but always unconventional at Bushwick Tea. We don't want you to be intimidated. After all, tea is meant to be enjoyed and take you on a journey.

Bushwick Tea's exciting story, unconventional branding, whole leaf organic tea and biodegradable sachets are well positioned to compliment your high quality coffee program, baked goods and drive sales.  Tea should be a forethought, not an afterthought, and as a manufacturer of sachets, we've taken a more scalable approach to our artisanal flavors to create a bigger impact that can stretch beyond local.  Here's how we can help:

  • ORGANIC-QUALITY: All teas are organic loose leaf sourced at origin and packed inside biodegradable sachets, locally in Brooklyn 
  • LOCAL: As a local tea manufacturer we control our means of production, quality and fulfillment. That's right! all tea bags are made in Brooklyn so you never have out-of stock issues.
  • BRANDING: We are unconventional, high quality and easy on the eyes and of course Instagram friendly. Who doesn't want to snap a goat hanging from a cup. 
  • EDUCATION: staff training and education by Elsa Carette, a self-confessed tea nerd
  • PARTNERSHIP: Private Label and Co-branding partnership opportunities available for high volume customers. 
  • CUSTOMIZATION/ PRIVATE LABEL: Private label opportunities available with your brand on each tea sachet for high volume customers
  • RELIABLE PRODUCTION: with over one million biodegradable tea bags produced each month, we do not rely on co-packers to maintain quality, instead we do our own production and shipping out of New York, to take on small or larger customers with consistent quality and turn-around times.
  • General Wholesale contact: hello@bushwicktea.com

CEO and Founder, Ratesh Chopra : ratesh@bushwicktea.com

Sales + Training, Elsa Carette : elsa@bushwicktea.com